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Gabrielle Corbett

Screenmedia, UX Designer

Scottish lass who loves making things look beautiful. A huge advocate of demystifying information into to share with others and popping into the water for a surf 🏄🏻‍♀️ 🐬
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Where are you from and/or where are you based as a Memorisely student?

Bonnie Glasgow, Scotland󠁧󠁢.

What inspired you to pursue UX/UI and become a designer?

I’ve always got a buzz out of trying to understand people, and sharing their insights with others. . I pivoted from working in the music industry for several years - loved being around creatives, and now loving getting to get creative myself ✨✨

In the last few years I have realised how important it is to take care of yourself, and in so, invest in yourself. Take time to learn, as I love to learn, and I now know that is what gives me joy. I’m also lucky to pick a job, and now more pick a career where I am in a constant state of learning.

Which Bootcamp did you choose to enroll in, and why?

Accessible Design Bootcamp. I love the note that we all work to our own bias, and as designers, we create with what we know. This is something I know I need to work on and wonder “who am I excluding?”.  I feel this quote sums it up best.

“Inclusion is imperfect and requires humility. It’s an opportunity to be curious and approach challenges with a desire to learn. It teaches us new ways to adapt our solutions to what people need.” - Kat Holmes

What's it like to be a student in Memorisely's virtual classroom?

Super relaxed, and you can input as much as your feel. Which makes it more inclusive for individuals who would prefer to absorb than input. I always felt energised after each class 💞

What has been your favorite part of Bootcamp so far? What's one learning that has surprised you in Bootcamp?

Memorisely’s use of Notion as onboarding and hub for the class resources and knowledge. I love Notion, and I learned new ways to utilise its capabilities through this class too.

What is the biggest challenge you face learning UX/UI Design?

It’s a vast land/seascape. So it is hard to not get overwhelmed. My main thought is no-one is an expert, so enjoy absorbing what you can. Keep design simple and inject some love into what you make and put out.

What does a typical day look like for you as a student?

Wrap up work around 5pm, walk my puppy Luna 🌙  to fill my lungs and mind with some fresh chilly air to help my switch from work to class. Plus, to move! Otherwise I’d be glued to my chair and desk at home all day as I now work remote.

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What is your current workspace setup?

Facing out the window so I can get my twitching on!

What are your go-to or "must have" apps?



Magic Seaweed


Google Home

BBC Sounds



What (digital or physical) product recently blew your socks off?

Build your own persona tool by hubspot.

I love the playful use of illustrations, animation and sound effects for added injection of love.

Interactive assistant by Locomotive.

Allows more of a chatbot conversion flow but through a desktop UI. Feels like you are talking to someone else (write in this way)

What tunes do you listen to while designing?

For more focus work like design thinking, or synthesising data I prefer deep work vibes like:

  • Kelly Lee Owens
  • Jayda G
  • Peggy Gou
  • Fred again...
  • Kiddy Smile
  • Honey Dijon
  • Bicep

But other times I just want to feel relaxed and share some good vibes! 

Share three pieces of advice for fellow and/or future students?

  1. Boil the kettle, and get comfy on a sofa to indulge in the plethora of reading material. But don’t get hung up on the amount. Pop 30 mins aside pre-class if you can to read some of it as I found it help cement what was taught and warmed me up to contribute and learn better.
  2. Get to know Notion ahead of class. Some great walkthrough videos, as it is a fab tool and used a lot in the course. Plus, a great place to start making your own treasure trove of knowledge from the class.
  3. Think of this as an environment to be a sponge, and don’t shy from being yourself, this is not a work environment.

Thanks for reading my story!

Scotland󠁧󠁢 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Gabrielle Corbett

Screenmedia, UX Designer

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