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Patricia Cuenca

Memorisely Graduate

Hi! 👋🏼 I’m Patricia! I recently just completed a degree in Philosophy - I'm taking an exciting shift to UX/UI! I love picking people’s brains and learning new things 🧠
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What inspired you to pursue UX/UI and become a designer?

I’ve always had a desire to enter into the tech space, just because technology is creating a massive shift in our lives! If we are able to become a part of this shift, we might be able to influence this change for the better! ✨

When I discovered UX/UI, I was actually in the process of learning how to code. Having a lot of creative energy within me, I felt a little bit restricted by the nitty-gritties of development! It just wasn’t for me in the long-term. (Still such a valuable asset that I’m grateful to have!) 😊  So immediately, when I discovered that product design was a path I could take, I hopped on it - and ever since then, I have felt so empowered to learn and grow in this field! It is not only an avenue for creativity, it is also a medium where we can learn to empathize and reach into the human/user dimension of technology! It is such an awesome field to be in - and I’ve also met such great people in it!

Which Bootcamp did you choose to enroll in, and why?

I enrolled in the UX/UI Bootcamp from August to November (of 2022) with Zander as my teacher! I wanted to dive-in and build up my foundations, in order to apply my product design learnings to real-life work! We did just that, iterating on The Wim Hof Method mobile app and SoFar Sounds website, in collaboration with other designers, our classmates from all around the world!

What will a typical day look like for you as a student?

Back when I was a student at Memorisely, bootcamp began at 8 am! So, I’d wake up at around 6:30 to go on a short walk before dressing up, preparing my workspace, and getting all my materials ready for class and for co-working days! I’d go to class with Zander, and then prepare for my college classes (as I was a college student still working on my degree!) I would spend my afternoons with friends, making sure I took the time to rest and be present! Still… I would sneak some bits and pieces of reading and video tutorials into my free time. 😜 I was a little obsessed with product design (… still am)!

All graduated from the bootcamp (and from University), I am still learning everyday, and have found that daily routines keep me productive! ❤️

This was a photo of our graduating class! I love all my classmates so much & I miss waking up to their faces thrice a week!

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What is your current workspace setup?

I am currently post-university, just moved out of my college apartment, so I have no specific desk set-up as of the moment. It’s pretty sporadic - sometimes it’s my childhood home’s dining table, a cute cafe, or basically any spot that I can plop my laptop on. 😉

For now, enjoy a snapshot of my university’s library bookshelves ❤️ A place where I spent most of my college life — and a place that I miss so much! 😌

What (digital or physical) product recently blew your socks off?

I LOVE Figjam! I discovered Figjam through Memorisely’s UX/UI’s bootcamp, actually! I use it for everything nowadays - for brainstorming, ideating, giving presentations, doing group projects, etc! It’s the best whiteboarding tool, as you can make it as colorful as you like with stickers, post-its, and the like. It’s a boost of seratonin and inspiration everytime I start working/designing! 🤩

Actually… a little bit of my bootcamp case study space ;)

What tunes do you listen to while designing?

When I design I like to listen to music that sounds colorful & disco-ey! It lifts my spirits and allows the creativity to flow best!

This is my current go-to design playlist! 🤍✨

Share three pieces of advice for fellow and/or future students?

  1. Don’t forget that Google is a thing … and that the Memorisely community is the bomb! When you’re stuck on something, before bursting into tears, tap into your resources! There’s always Google, and an unlimited amount of design input from Memorisely designers all around the world! (all kind and super willing to help you learn & grow as a designer!)
  2. Push yourself gently! It’s easy to fall into an imposer syndrome hole, but you must remember that everything and everyone (even the best and most experienced) began at 0! You just gotta keep doing your best & be gentle on yourself! You are fully capable and are here, with a dream that is fully in your reach! 💫
  3. Always keep accessibility & inclusivity in mind 🤍 Remember the diversity of humans that are users. Everyone is different, everyone has their own limitations (even though some are greater than others). Don’t forget who you’re designing for, especially users that might benefit the most :)

Thanks for reading my story!

Austin, TX 🇺🇸

Patricia Cuenca

Memorisely Graduate

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