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Constantine Dranganas

UX/UI Student

Hello folks! This is Constantine also known as The Dragon 🐲 I’m a true advocate of user needs in digital spaces. I also enjoy sports, visiting exhibitions & dancing!
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Where are you from and/or where are you based as a Memorisely student?

I come from Greece 🌊 but I am currently based in Berlin for the last two years, after living for one year in Hamburg βš“οΈ and six years in Amsterdam 🌷


What inspired you to pursue UX/UI and become a designer?

I’m a true believer that our life actions and decisions, even mostly unconscious in nature, pave the path to finding our rightful place in this world.

From a young age, I developed a distinct interest in people and their experiences. I recall staging a theatrical play with some friends at the age of 14 in my backyard, starting a Super Mario Kart (Nintendo 64) tournament in my area, or inviting friends to explore together how the internet works, on my very first computer which seemed quite alien to us.

We were all explorers, driven by the same passion to get a grasp of the ever-changing world around us.

All these experiences and memories led me to my first studies in communication and media, a choice that felt quite natural. This is where I got to learn the research methods and tools that turned my passion and interests into science.

After years of collaborating with Greek media businesses by sharing stories of people, products, and places worth being heard, I decided to dive deeper into the study of new media and visual arts, driven by the continuous growth of the digital.

This is how I found myself in Amsterdam, to complete my master's studies. Little did I know then, that following my graduation I would be exposed to the field of UX/Ui Design as a trainee for the Technical University of Amsterdam.

Ever since this experience, I knew that this is something that makes me truly happy. I didn’t really know how to call it - since the field of UX/Ui wasn’t as established then - but I knew that I wanted to work with it and learn more about it.

The years that followed, found me implementing a user-centric approach in my digital marketing work, combined with growing my skills in the creation of brand design assets.

I have recently graduated from two UX/Ui Design certification programs and am currently developing my personal portfolio.

I’m really looking forward to kickstarting my Memorisely journey with all my fellow students out there, making a positive change in the world together!

Which Bootcamp did you choose to enroll in, and why?

I will be starting the UX/Ui Design Bootcamp (class 007 πŸ€΅β€β™‚οΈ) with Marvin.

I choose this Bootcamp for the opportunity to build strong hands-on expertise in the field while collaborating with like-minded individuals from across the globe.

What will a typical day look like for you as a student?

In one word - Busy!

I am currently working full-time, next to learning German, developing additional skills in marketing and doing sports.

A typical day for me is a day filled with productivity and energy.

I have so much passion for whatever I choose to fill my time with and really enjoy spending time growing both personally and professionally.

What is your current workspace setup?

I’m thrilled to be working for a UX and Product Analytics company (UXCam), where I get exposed to new valuable learnings daily.

But what I enjoy the most is our animal colleagues ❀️ 🐢 True ambassadors of the importance of building a healthy and safe working environment for everyone to thrive.


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What (digital or physical) product recently blew your socks off?

It definitely has to be the Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo Switch.

Launched in late 2019, this product became a global sensation during the Covid19 lockdown for whoever wanted to keep up with exercising or to start with it.

I recently got my hands on it, since I was searching for a way to exercise at home while having fun.

The mix between physical and digital, the gamification of exercising, and the variety of options to customize your workout creates a valuable yet fun experience, that won me as a new user.

What tunes do you listen to while designing?

I tend to listen to Podcasts quite a lot while working.

Some of my favorites are:

Share three pieces of advice for fellow and/or future students?

  1. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken
  2. Find out why you are doing it
  3. Know that you know nothing


Thanks for reading my story!

Berlin πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Constantine Dranganas

UX/UI Student

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